The Mulsanne Motorcar Company

Established in 1990 Martyn Izod and the Mulsanne Motorcar Company have become one of the most sought after high-end car restoration specialists in the world. Projects range from classic Concours restoration, to building your dream Hot Rod, or outfitting your favourite classic with today’s technology, safety and comfort while maintaining its original lines and looks.

Build your dream car. Get behind the wheel.

Detailing & Polishing

After a long winter, your car / truck has taken a beating. Small pits and scratches all over. After you wash the car, you will notice feint spider swirls in the paint marring the finish and gloss of the paint.

Taking your car to most detailers will generally just mask these blemishes with “glaze”. The imperfections are filled and disguised and the problem remains, only to come back the first time you wash the car. These blemishes sneak up on you and ruin the look and reduce the value of your investment.

Brokerage for Exotics and Classics

Over 20 years buying and selling vehicles for busy downtown professionals from Ford to Ferrari—we find the best available. We are agents and do not buy the vehicle, we set the deal up so everyone knows what the purchase or sale price is with full disclosure.

We charge a minimum No refundable fee of $750 to start and then complete the sale for a 5% Fee or $750 whichever is greater paid after the sale/ purchase is concluded. You will never hear the words, “Let me run this past my manager!”

There is no better time than right now to build your dream car and get it on the road. That car you’ve always dreamed of driving is waiting for you to make it happen. Hot rod? Dirty custom? Concours quality? European sport? American luxury? German luxury or high-performance speed machine, Mulsanne works with you to realize, drive or race your dream car.